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Saffron cooking guide

Depending on the dish prepared the Saffron threads can be used in different ways. The Saffron threads can be applied in 4 different ways:

Direct: The threads can be used without any treatment in dishes that require an extensive cooking time, so that there is ample time to release the colour, aroma and flavours.

Infusion: This method is applied with dishes with a short cooking time. A number of threads are put into a small bowl. Pour some hot liquid into the bowl (no boiling liquid !). Bruise the threads gentle with a teaspoon by pressing them against the wall of the bowl and subsequently soak them for 10 to 15 minutes. The liquid is now ready for use.

The soaking often takes place in the liquid that is used to prepare the dish: water, wine, vinegar, milk, cream, fruit juice.

Frying (sauté): Fry the Saffron threads at the beginning of the preparation briefly in butter or oil, or fry them further so that the butter or oil can adopt and develop the flavours, aroma and taste. This method is often applied for dishes made of ingredients that have stronger tastes themselves already.

Grilling: Grill the threads until they are brittle, in a heavy frying pan (without any oil or butter) or in a mildly heated oven, or put the threads in aluminum foil, put them on the lid of a pan with boiling content. Subsequently rub the threads to pieces between your fingers while adding them to the dish.

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