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Saffron is used to make dishes tastier, more attractive and healthier. The saffron spice has a medicinal effect and a certain culinary added value. Discover the rich taste of saffron yourself and order simple & safe saffron online.

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Buy saffron online

At you find Saffron products of the highest quality: Saffron Spice, Saffron Capsules and Crocus Sativus (Saffron) bulbs. All our products originate from areas where the Saffron corm (bulb) thrives best.

For your health and safety, all our Saffron products are tested by the well-known food and safety laboratory Eurofins Scientific that works world-wide in 42 countries (see:

You can purchase our Saffron products directly through our website. In case of any doubt or problems: please feel free to ask and send your questions to

Discover the healing powers of Saffron or use it for culinary purposes in your kitchen.

Saffron: Re-establish the balance in your life with our high quality Saffron products.

Ways to use Saffron in the kitchen are:

        added aroma

        attractive composition of recipes

        pleasant fragrance

        healing properties.


Saffron recipes


Saffron is known for its delicate, soft and rich taste. Saffron also gives a very pleasant smell to dishes that people enjoy well before dinner starts. Saffron spice is used in many dishes in the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and South Asian kitchens:


        Chicken dishes

        Soups like Bouillabaisse

        Rice dishes

        Cakes and cookies



Where our saffron is grown


Our Saffron from India, Morocco and other regions is produced without the use of chemicals. In India and Morocco, the Saffron is harvested in the traditional way, by hand (see for example: The Saffron is dried naturally by the sun. This contributes to the high quality of our Saffron. The saffron spice is extracted from the Crocus sativus, also called Saffron crocus. Due to the intensive cooperation with saffron farmers, we are able to deliver an even, high quality product throughout the year.


Use of saffron spice


The Saffron threads of the Saffron crocus can be used for medicinal as well as culinary purposes. The spices can be added to a whole range of dishes. By using Saffron in the kitchen you make your dishes tastier and healthier.


Do you wish to buy saffron?


You can purchase our Saffron directly through our website. Our Saffron is 100% pure without any additives. For your health and safety, all our Saffron products are tested by the well-known food and safety laboratory Eurofins Scientific that works world-wide in 42 countries (see:


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